ATTENTION!!  A rare variety of purebred Siamese Kittens are within your grasp!

Rare Variety of Purebred Kittens!

Our kittens are not only a new member of the family to Cherish, but they have a personality to Treasure! And they help to spread the love to hurting, homeless people. The money we get from our kittens go directly to helping people who need a second chance. So you can feel good that not only did you get a new baby to love, you also helped a person that may not have otherwise had a place to sleep or dinner to eat. Thanks in advance for your help to give these people the second chance they deserve, and getting a new cuddle bug of your own in the process!


Tenderly hand raised in a loving home, with a one-owner, traceable geneology for 40 years of development expertise!


No Ordinary Cat

There is NOTHING ordinary about this rare type of pedigree. So its OK to get excited! A unique, mutated gene causes these purebreds to have long, silky, almost non-shedding hair, supreme intelligence and docile dispositions, all in One pretty package! Gift wrapped in gentle Love!


Clearly, they are Ragdolls that purr in your ear and cuddle closely on your pillow. So sweet, it seems, they melt like milk chocolate in your hands as you hold them near your heart. Surely, there is nothing like their thriving, persistant plea for love. Like a puppy dog, they follow in your foot steps and respond verbally and affectionately to your beckoning call. When you wash your dishes, or brush your teeth, dont be surprised to find them rountinely perched upon your shoulders, or doing figure eights around your feet, content to linger there for hours!

Yet, at the same time, Siamese adapt readily to a certain degree of independence. They are not like a dog which needs to be taken out to the potty, or put on a leash and exercised in the park. If you leave for the weekend, all kitty needs is extra food, water, and a few toys to keep it amused while your away. And when you return, get out your camera and take a few home videos for America's Funniest Videos! Turn off your TV, because your STAR siamese will entertain your whole family all evening long!

You'll find your Balinese Ragdoll either romping enthusiastically, or cuddling in your lap. There seems to be no in between with these robust balls of energy!